Monday, February 27, 2012


Not to brag about my kids, but they are amazing. Teachers are working with her to test her abilities right now. They think she may qualify for gifted and talented. We are so proud of her and yet are struggling to put her abilities on paper in the application. I want to do my best for her but I guess I just need to put it in God's hands and let his words take her where she is supposed to go.

As for Cody, well is a man of many words as well. He said yesterday "I like the bird on your shirt, daddy. I need to make I write this down so I don't have to wander around for words with him in a few years.

I'm trying to give my kids the wings they deserve by using my words. I hope that I can now and forever let them fly!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Silence no more

I have been silent way too long. I have been living life without blogging but I have had so much to say. No more!

Today Cody had his first big boy haircut today. He wasn't so sure about sitting in the chair. I convinced him to stay and he could have a sucker, such a sweet tooth. He is such a good kid and so is Ani! She is very helpful and loving. She was so happy to get a sucker too.