Saturday, July 24, 2010

A first and a second

It has been quite interesting for Cody the last few days. I knew that he was getting close to cutting his first tooth. Little did I know that there were two lurking. The first one broke through yesterday and a second over night. He is making funny faces and rubbing his tongue over his bottom gums. He seems happy and Ani is so proud of her brother. She bought him some rice cereal and is eagerly awaiting the day he gets to eat it! This is a picture of his 5th month "birthday" so you can see the drool has been with us for awhile now. Such a trooper.

Cody is trying to sit alone. He has become quite a raccoon too. Grabbing everything that is remotely close to him. I am not sure how he can already reach things behind his back without looking?!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Catching up

My first post was well over a year ago. At the time, I was facing the last summer with Ani before she started school. I was excited and full of plans and dreams of swimming, sidewalk chalk, ice cream, and our wonderful garden. We planted green beans, carrots, okra, hot peppers, and a million tomatoes. I was going to teach Ani where her food came from, how to preserve it, and how wonderful it was to spend a day in the garden as I did as a child.

Plans changed as we soon found out that a second child, Cody, was on the way. Praise God! I had waited so long and now a baby. How would Ani react? She has been asking for a brother for almost 2 years now. How will I juggle two? Everyone says your heart grows and from the beginning, I could see that too. I did feel so great through this pregnancy, but here are some of the highlights in pictures from the year. I will definately do better now. It just may be random thoughts from 2am.

Here we go....

We finally made it to Yellowstone! We camped for a week with Nana and Papaw. It was awesome and I would love to try to see it again. If we can survive another trip. Ha!Ha! Those of you that know us, know this was our third attempt. I will continue to catch you up on the past year and fill you in on our new life in VA as I can.


There seems to be a lot of screaming in my life these days. Not all bad by any means. Ani screams as she chases the dogs around the yard, as she slides at the playground, to alert us of an impending bug, and of course to get what she wants. She is very six now.

Cody screams in shear delight as he watches his big sister dance, as he can now reach the dog, or for some milk. Can't imagine a quiet house or how I have a clear thought, but I watch them grow and discover and change and want to scream myself. Just can't take it all in but am having fun trying, most days.