Saturday, July 24, 2010

A first and a second

It has been quite interesting for Cody the last few days. I knew that he was getting close to cutting his first tooth. Little did I know that there were two lurking. The first one broke through yesterday and a second over night. He is making funny faces and rubbing his tongue over his bottom gums. He seems happy and Ani is so proud of her brother. She bought him some rice cereal and is eagerly awaiting the day he gets to eat it! This is a picture of his 5th month "birthday" so you can see the drool has been with us for awhile now. Such a trooper.

Cody is trying to sit alone. He has become quite a raccoon too. Grabbing everything that is remotely close to him. I am not sure how he can already reach things behind his back without looking?!

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  1. Just wanted to say i really MISS you guys this school year will not be the same without you Riley is staying in Kindergarten, Ashby got Mrs. Wyatt and so did Eli, as you know Sam got Mrs. Cull what am I suppose to do with out you??? Anyway I miss you and can't wait for you all to come for a visit and I hope all is well with your dad.
    Love Ya