Monday, August 2, 2010

Mommy is human

Last week we loaded the kids up and headed to GA. I got to spend some time out in the field at the 2010 Bat Blitz. My friend Nikki works for GA DNR and invited us to come and participate. After 2 years of planning, it rained the first night. Bummer!

They did catch a few bats but nothing to put a transmitter on (which was my job). The skies cleared for the second night but still no bats to transmitter. This is Lee's Eco-Tech truck. We were ready for anything or going anywhere to find them. It was ok because I got to be a grownup for a few hours and Daddy got some time with the kids.

Here is a picture of getting ready and one from the top of Fort Mountain. That is a beautiful state park and well worth going back.

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