Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My baby is growing up

My mom always said "time goes by so fast." For me as a kid, time seemed to drag so slow. Now that I have children, I just can't seem to grasp the time passing so quickly. Ani is now 6 years old and has started first grade. I am growing, and did not cry this year until Cody and I were safely in the car and pulling away from the the primary school.

It seems like yesterday, I was pregnant and we were discussing names and dreams for her. Now, I am packing her lunch, doing homework, memorizing bible verses and wishing I could really take it all in. I know I am home with them everyday, but I still feel like I am missing it. They will only be little for a short time and she is not so little anymore. She a generous, kind, energetic and curious kid. I often wonder how God deemed me worthy of raising her (and Cody).

This weekend was especially exciting. We finished the long awaited swingset, complete with monkey bars. She has had a blast playing on it. Cody even has a swing too. She played in her first soccer game and scored a goal. Wish I could say it was the winning goal, but we have a few more Saturdays to win. For her, it isn't about winning; at least not yet.

Last, she came downstairs to announce that she has a loose tooth! Yes, it really is loose this time. I do not think that it will be coming out soon, but she is working hard. For those of you that truly know me, you know this creeps me out! I did not intentionally pull a single tooth from my head. I knocked most of them out by falling, running from someone who was trying to pull it out, or by going to the dentist. I am not a "tooth" person but for her I will look every 5 minutes to see how loose it is and watch as it spins a little more than it did this morning. She is my sunshine and I do not tell her enough.

So today, as everyday, I sit and pray for her. I pray that she finds God plan and that I can guide her lovingly down her path not my path. And I try to be ok with chocolate milk, suckers, monkey bars, school bus rides, and a messy room. It will all be gone soon enough and I will miss it. I am sure to give her that hug and kiss before and after school and hang on to the Cody-bear in the middle.

She makes me laugh and makes me cry, and I love her with all of my heart! She is forever my little sweet pea.

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