Friday, October 15, 2010

Twenty minutes

He is so sweet when he is sleeping. The key word is when. I am not sure what to do with my little bear. He really doesn't sleep. He has been sick for over a week and I tried to comfort him by holding him, rocking and letting him sleep in his car seat. Now that he is getting better, I cannot put him down to sleep. Maybe it is a phase, or maybe I have failed him by not teaching him to sleep? I am not sure there is a right answer or that my brain is functioning well enough to figure it out. All I know is that he is not sleep and that is not good for anyone in the house.

I know that babies continue to bond until they are 9-10 months old, and we are almost there. I do not want to mess up now, for his sake. Here are things I have read....(1) Every baby goes through a bonding stage sometime between 9-12 months, the "don't leave me" stage. He does this to anyone (mom, dad, and ani) when they leave the room, even if someone else is still with him. (2) Nursing babies may not sleep as soundly as other babies. (3) There is another theory that says when they learn to be more active (he is trying to crawl and scoot around), they are more restless at night.

We have tried many times over the past few months to let him cry and it seems to make things worse. He wakes more often and cries longer each time. During the day he is much more clingy too and doesn't want to nap. The mom in me wants to go and comfort him when he cries. The sleep-deprived person in me says to let him cry and figure it out. That person loses after 2 hours of dozing off and crying in a 10-15 min cycle.

I am not complaining, but more praying and asking for prayers that we can find peace in sleep and in the day too. The humor in all of this is that I wore my shirt backwards half of the day, and it is unfortunately, not the first time.

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