Monday, August 20, 2012

Another first

Today was Ani's first day of 3rd grade. She was very reserved this morning. I was surprized. We drove to the new house then walked to school. She has to wait in line outside the classroom until the bell but she chose to stand with Cody and I until time to go in. I was glad to hang onto her a few moments more! When it came time to go she was hesitant but went on in by herself. When I came to get her, she ran out and gave me the longest, intense hug (as if to reassure herself she was safe in my arms again). It was precious and my goal in life is to earn a hug like that from each of them every day! A lot of news/firsts right now for both of my precious babies! Codyman, as he calls himself these days, is potty training. Doing pretty well most days. Even pooped for the first time last Wednesday, aug 15. So proud of both of my babies!

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