Monday, August 20, 2012

Moving update from June 15, 2012

Each day is filled with a list of things to do and folks to see. I'm busy keeping the kids happy and spending time with friends. I thought our roots in Virginia weren't deep, but I was wrong. Sometimes I'm too self-centered to appreciate the love and comradery that has surrounded us for the past two years. That has given me a renewed confidence that this move will lead us to special people that will become part of our hearts. Ani had her first girl's sleepover. Marsha, thankfully came to help. She has such a good time and all of the girls got along so well. They played games, painted nails, giggled, watched tv and ate. I think she had such a great time and so did Cody. He thought he was so big! On Tuesday the movers came to estimate how much stuff we had. That may the move very real. I'm starting to pack the things we need for a week in transit and what we want to have in the apartment, or wherever we live. It is a bit overwhelming to decipher but I'm trying. I do hate to say goodbye! I do not like change! I do like and adventure and I'm looking forward to watching my kids discovering the West and all that that can encompass. We will be ok and I hope and pray that we thrive. Focus! Faith! Tolerance! Peace! That is what I cling to these days.

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