Thursday, August 30, 2012

Moving day!

The last week has been filled with yucky carpet, new hardwood and carpet, and lots and lots of cleaning. It will all be worth it when we can finally say we are home. This has been a long summer and I think the kids have made the best of it, despite my attitude some days. It will be over soon and they can have their toys back, regular bed/bath times, and a yard all their own! I have prayed for that for them for many weeks now. I'm taking my time unpacking this time. I'll do their rooms first and then organize when Cody is asleep and Ani is at school. We have the long weekend too where we can trade working and playing. It is a nice house that will hopefully be HOME soon. Ani is doing so well in school and likes her new friends. I know the summer isolation was tough for her but it is finally almost over! Cody is potty training. He does great when mommy focuses. Soon I can focus again. Wish us luck and send us prayers! There is a lot of pizza and subs in our next few days. As in the poem "Footprints", I see only one set of footprints leading us today and I am so greatful!

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